Spring Party Decorations to Liven Up Your Party Venue

Spring is the time to celebrate the arrival of pleasant weather. The lush green beauty and favorable atmosphere encourage people to host their parties outdoor. So, if your child is spring born, let him and his guests stay outdoors and enjoy the jovial ambiance by hosting a party in your backyard, Community Park, Lawns etc. Spring Party Decoration ideas should reflect the freshness of the atmosphere and therefore, should be mostly in soft, pastel colors. Here are some spring party decoration ideas that will make this task an enjoyable and memorable affair.

Use fresh flowers as much as possible

Its blossoming time! Let there by freshness all round your party venue by using lots of fresh flowers for decoration. Orchids, roses, dahlia, daffodil, tulip, freesia, and other spring-blossoming flowers are sure to fill your party venue with fragrance and color. Use bouquets as centerpieces in order to add prettiness to your party table for your child’s special occasion. Cut the stems of the flowers and place them in a glass jar filled with water. You can even add leaves to this arrangement.

A floral wreath is sure to spruce up your entry door. For giving a symmetrical look, you can use same varieties of flowers or mix and match to make a beautiful flowery pattern and give it a colorful look. Flower decoration is a great way to save time and money along with making your party venue look wonderful.

Let there be green all around

Green color is aesthetically pleasing and therefore, you must use it as much as possible for your spring party. Use decorative or ornamental grasses along with flowers for a fancier but inexpensive venue decoration. Either spread fake grass table cover on your party table or use fake grass place-mats. Grow some wheat-grass at home and plant your cake pops in the same pot for serving. A wheat-grass pot can also be used as a centerpiece.

Use spring foliage

Collect fallen branches and twigs from your backyard and use them for inspiring and creative spring party decoration. Fill the twigs in a clear glass jar along with flowers, faux jewels, beads, leaves, etc. in order to make a vintage-styled centerpiece. Create a rustic photo frame by hot gluing twigs to a wooden or plastic frame and sticking your child’s picture on the reverse side. Place it at a location where it will attract maximum attention. These spring party decoration ideas are simple, appealing and inexpensive and will surely add a dramatic finishing to the venue.

Club these spring decor with the conventional birthday party supplies such as balloons, crepe paper, streamers, tissue paper pompoms, etc. to create a festive atmosphere for your child’s birthday party.

Safety Measures For Toddler’s Birthday Party

Your child’s birthday party sure needs a splendid decoration and a kid- friendly menu. Most parents work really hard to make their kids party a big success by coming up with innovative party ideas, however, they ignore the basic precautions that could lead to disastrous situations. Managing small kids is not easy; even a slight negligence can cost you dearly. So, while planning your party, make sure you take the below mentioned safety measures so that your party turns out to be a safe and smooth affair.


Never use tacks

Although they are very convenient, do not use tacks for completing your birthday party decorations. They are not recommended for kids parties. Replace them with tapes in all possible circumstances. For playing the popular pinning game, use Velcro instead of pins. If you are having a toddler or preschooler at your party, you have to be extra careful.

Never serve small snacks

Toddlers are attracted to small candies, pop-corns, peanuts, and other colorful things that might be there on your table. Even though you think they won’t be able to reach them, the truth is that they will find their way out and grab those dangerous bites before you could realize. Therefore, never serve anything that can cause choking, even it’s meant for adults.

Keep your pets out

They might not harm the little ones but why take risk! Keep them away from the party area until your celebrations are over. Toddlers often get scared seeing pets or might burst into tears, so keeping pets away from their sight is recommended.

Be careful of birthday party balloons

Your party decoration wouldn’t be complete without balloons but they are quite risky for kids especially the toddlers and preschoolers. If you are using latex balloons at your party, pay extra attention to them. Throw away any blown up piece immediately, as toddlers get easily attracted to colorful objects.

Take care of hygiene

Toddlers get messy easily and therefore, you have to take care of their hygiene all through your party. Clean them up whenever required, especially before the meal time and cake time.

You won’t be able to do this alone, so don’t hesitate to ask for help. Ask your relatives or friends to supervise the kids. They have to keep an eye on them all the time, therefore, have sufficient supervisors so that the little ones are never left unattended even for a second.

Firefighter Theme Invitation ideas for your Birthday Bash

Firefighter theme has a great fascination among kids; they seem to have this common career choice reserve for them when they grow up. Blazing lights, fire extinguishers, fire trucks, seems to attract these tiny heroes. Therefore, here are some creative invitation ideas for hosting a firefighter theme birthday party for you little one.

Nothing can beat a handmade invitation; as it beautifully reflects your emotions and creativity. Let’s get little creative and try making some handmade invitations for your lil firefighter fan. All you need is regular craft supplies like card-stock, acyclic paint, marker, stickers, and scissors.

  1. Take a white card-stock and draw the figure of dog as shown in the picture. Using scissors cut the card-stock and keep it jointed from the hat portion so that invitation opens up in a vertical style. Now take acrylic paint and color the hat in red and yellow color as in the picture. Draw your little ones birthday age on the yellow fire chief badge and color it. Use pop dots to make perfect Dalmatian dots or draw it and fill it with black marker. Fill in your party details and send them in red theme color envelopes.                 

  1. Take a red card-stock and paste a sticker of fire engine on it. Using scissors cut it carefully in shape of fire engine in a pattern, that card-stock is visible as a border. Write your party details inside it with black marker. You can also paste a yellow circular cut out on the front of the invitation and paste your son’s picture on it, wearing fire fighter dress or with a fire chief hat.


If you are time pressed, you can buy are stylish theme invitations. These invites come in an elegant two-fold design and feature an undeniably cute Dalmatian donning a fire chief hat. These invites have ample space to fill in your party message and are sold in a pack of eight. Invite your guests writing Turn on the alarm! You are invited to a blazing birthday bash.


To throw the most happening talked about and remarkable firefighter theme birthday party, explore our thrilling collection of firefighter birthday supplies. We have everything from theme tableware to fun favors, from personalized invitations to dazzling decorations to make party planning a snap for you. You can mix and match your cutlery with our solid red color birthday supplies and throw a blazing bash. All our products are of high quality and are sold at a pocket-friendly price.

Beautiful Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas For Your Kid’s Fun Farm Party

Kids love animals and therefore, a barnyard birthday party can be one of the funniest and cutest ways to celebrate your son’s birthday. To plan an unforgettable farm party, you must arrange everything according to your theme including the animal themed games and barn themed food.

Here are a few tips to help you in planning for your little one’s big day.


A petting zoo or a local farm can be the best place to host your party. The kids would love to play with the animals. However, if you want to host the party at your home, make sure you give special attention to the decorations to create the perfect barnyard birthday party environment.


  • You can make your own invitations using white card-stock and stickers of animals. Cut the cardstock in 12 x 8 inch sizes and fold them in the middle to form cards. On its upper side, put some stickers of animals such as pigs, cows, ducks, ponies, etc. and write your invitation message such as ‘(your kid’s name) is turning two, let’s celebrate it’. On the inner side of the card, write the party details.

  • If you are hard-pressed for time, you can buy the prepackaged invitations that are available with the online or physical party supplies store.



Buy the barnyard party supplies and use them creatively to celebrate the perfect farm-style birthday at home. Apart from the regular supplies such as farm-themed paper plates, cups, hats, etc. you can use innovative ideas to impress your guests.

  • Buy hay bales, place them around the party area, and transform it into a barnyard! You can place your child’s stuffed animal toys on them.

  • Put some scarecrows across the party area. You can get them from craft stores.


  • Theme Coloring Books: For small kids, buy farm themed coloring books and ask them to color their favorite animal.

  • Pin the tail on the pig: Draw a pig on the poster board. Give each child a curling ribbon tail, blindfold them, and ask them to pin the tail at the correct spot.

  • Lost animal search will be a fun game, hide some plastic animals around the party area and ask the kids to find them.

  • Goodies in a Haystack- Hide inexpensive goodies like candies, fun animals, stationery items and give children a minute to dig through the hay and find as much goodies as they can to take home.

Party favors

  • The farm animal coloring book can be used for activities as well as a party favor. Wrap these barnyard party supplies with cowboy printed papers.

  • Buy favor bags in animal shapes and fill them with lots of candies, small animal shaped toys, etc.

  • You can also bake sugar cookies in shape of farm animals and give this savory treat as party favors.

  • Farm animal masks or farm- inspired party hats to wear out on farms can also be a great option.


Play some barnyard music in the background, have some farm food such as raw vegetables, fruits, lemonade, etc., and let the kids enjoy their fullest.

Fairy Whimsy Party Ideas for Your Daughter’s Magical Birthday

Fairy Whimsy Party Ideas for Your Daughter’s Magical Birthday

Every girl dreams to become a princess, who lives in a fairyland, among the butterflies, ladybugs, bumblebees, and many beautiful flowers. Let your daughter’s imagination come true on her upcoming birthday by organizing a Fairy Theme party for her. This classic theme will fascinate your little princess as well as the other aspiring fairies. Give them a royal treatment and let them be in their…

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Garden Girl Party Decoration Ideas for Your Little Gardener

If your daughter loves to dig in the dirt, why not throw a garden girls birthday party for her and let her do all the gardening that she always wanted to! Your garden would be the best venue for this party and the girls would certainly enjoy the beauty of the nature. Garden parties do not require many decorations. The garden setting will speak for itself; however, adding a few special touches here and there will give a glorious look to your celebration. Here is how you can use the garden girls birthday supplies to delight your guests as well as your girl.


Party table decoration:

  • Use the forest green colored table cover and the garden girls birthday supplies such as tableware, crepe paper, streamers, balloons, etc. for beautifying the table.

  • Buy some medium-sized terracotta pots and use them to hold your cutlery.

  • A blossoming plant in a pot can be the best centerpiece; however, make sure your table is sturdy enough to bear its weight. You can also use a fruit basket or a flower bouquet for enhancing the look of your table.

  • Experiment with the seating arrangements. While the standard table and chair arrangement will be the most convenient one, you can also spread out a sheet in the garden to let your little guests sit cross-legged and enjoy being in the garden.

  • Attach some balloons or paper flowers to the chairs.

Tree decoration

  • Hang a lot of tissue pom-poms, Mylar and latex balloons, streamers, etc. from the branches of the trees.

  • Hanging a few paper lanterns or light strands from the trees will give them a nice touch.

  • Beautify the trees of your garden by hanging a few wind chimes. These charming ornaments create a tinkling sound as the wind passes through them. This sound will create a whimsical environment for your party.

Garden animal decoration

Why not invite all the creepy, crawly creatures for your daughter’s birthday? Make some cardboard cutout and painted animals such as butterflies, ladybugs, bumblebee, frog, snake, squirrel, and other garden animals and place them around the party area for giving your party an aesthetic look. Encourage your child to help make the decorations so that she can also enjoy doing the artwork. If your child has some stuffed garden animals, use them instead of the making the cutouts.

These ideas will surely help you to organize a perfect Garden Girl Birthday Party for your child. So go ahead and celebrate!

Easter Gifts for Kids

Tired of same old Easter basket gifts? Whether you are looking for fun games for your lil champ or cute accessories for Sunday best or be it trendy toys, you have come to the right place. We have a fresh range of kids party favors that will be easy on your wallet and kids will also love it.



Let’s see who can bounce the ball longest?Kids will love to play fun Paddle ball game with their friends. Add this to your lil champs Easter basket and organize a Sunday match for this fun activity. You can explore whole range of kids game including Jumbo Jax Set, Plastic Spin Tops, Avengers party game, Soccer party game, Princess party game and a lot more.



Open up doors of creative possibilities among your growing artists by giving them a pack of colorful crayons along with exciting spiral notebooks or coloring books. You can also include adorably cute Bunny ball pens, Heart shaped, Hello kitty and Strawberry pens in assorted colors.

Fun Favors


Let the little rock star enjoy singing with this inflatable Guitars that come in various bright colors. It can be used for decorations as well and is great for setting the mood for celebrations. You can also add Party Bubbles, Whistles, Bounce Balls, Blowouts, and Stickers in their basket. These blowouts and stickers come in many fun characters such as Despicable Me, Ninja Turtles, Curious George, Lady Bug, Fairy Whimsy and more. Select your child’s favorite cartoon character and let them celebrate Easter in style.


Add a whimsical touch to your Easter celebration by gifting your daughter tiaras. These tiaras come in different colors like red, pink, yellow and are well decorated with feathers and gems. You can also go for silver Wands, Butterfly wings, Princess skirts, Gem rings and make her feel like a beautiful princess. You can also add other cute accessories like cute Rings, Bow clips, Jewellery set, Bracelets, colorful Sunglasses and Wristbands. To add excitement among Lil champions you can also gift Masks and let them do some mischief.


Minnie Mouse Theme Party Favors for Little Minnie Lovers

Disney Characters such as Mickey and Minnie has been favorite of Kids and adults alike since centuries. Created by Walt Disney, this funny and adorably cute cartoon character “Minnie “ is a huge hit among kids and they will be more than delighted to receive goodies based on Minnie Mouse theme.

Minnie Mouse Bubble Tubes & Wands - Let kids create fantasy shapes and characters by blowing out fun bubbles in the air. These bubble tubes and wands features head of the adorable Minnie mouse, dressed in pink. These bubble tubes are great for hours of non-stop fun.


Minnie Mouse Activity Book - This Minnie book is best for keeping tiny tots busy. Give away this activity book as party favor and let the little mouseketeers continue fun even after party. The book features portrait of bubbliest mouse ever Minnie, and will surely boost creativity of kids.


Minnie Mouse Sticker Sheets - Kids would love to receive this colorful sticker sheets, featuring this much-loved Minnie in various fun poses. They will love using it on their notebooks, scrapbooks, cupboards, refrigerators, for sealing envelops and a lot more. So let them go crazy using these fun stickers everywhere.


Minnie Mouse Party Straws - These Minnie Mouse party straws are perfect for adding to little mouseketeers treat bags. Let them sip in style by using these crazy and colorful straws. They are sold in pack of 24 and have a medallion featuring Minnie’s head.


Minnie Mouse Tiara - This would be a perfect party favor for pretty princesses attending your party. The tiara fits comfortably and adds a dazzling touch to any outfit. This tiara is made up of faux jewels and features adorable Minnie at the center of the tiara.


Minnie Mouse Tote Bag - Send Minnie Mouse lovers home with this amazingly cute tote bag. The tote bag features Minnie clad in her signature pink polka dots dress. This fun tote bag is 13”H x 11”W and is sturdy enough to hold all the gifts. So, fill it with amazing goodies and wow your little guests.


Favors are the most special part of any celebrations but at the same time should not cost you a fortune. So why not surprise kids by giving them party favors based on their all time favorite cartoon character Minnie Mouse. You can select from our huge collection of Minnie mouse party supplies at a discounted price. Enjoy!

Transport Kids to the World of Animation By Hosting a Despicable Me Theme Party

Got a little kid at home who goes bonkers for all the things of Despicable Me? So what can be a better surprise for him than to throw a despicable me theme party on his upcoming birthday. Mischievous Minions makes a colorful and fun party theme and with all are Despicable Me party supplies, like Tableware, balloons, banners, pinata and cute despicable me party favors like bounce balls, blow outs, kids will surely feel as if they have been transported to the world of Minions.

Invitation - Start with a great invite. To invite your guests for this theme what can be better party invitation than a Despicable Me theme party invite. Prepackaged invites are readily available with us and will save your time. So let the little guests know that a lot of fun is in store for them.


Decorations - Jazz up your party with colorful decorations. You can use Despicable Me theme Helium balloons, Birthday banners, Stickers to complement the theme of your party. You can also add a Despicable Me theme Mylar balloon to the bouquet of balloons and hang it at the entrance; this will surely catch the eye of everyone. As each guest arrives, hand him or her classic cone shaped Party Hats featuring mini Minions and let them groove in style.


Fun activities - Let the kids discover the fun of breaking open a Despicable Me theme pinata and watch your treasures rain down! This classic pinata game will make an eye catchy decoration and will be a huge hit among kids.


Food - Kids will really be enthralled when served in Despicable Me theme plates and would enjoy sipping in style with minion themed cups and straws. For a well co-ordinated party atmosphere, you can also use minion theme tableware, napkins, desert plates and other cutlery. Make your child’s birthday even more memorable, bake a minion themed cake and buy candles in yellow and green to compliment the theme.



Party Favors - Favors are the most special part of birthday celebrations. See the little guests light up with joy, receiving Despicable Me theme party favors such as Stickers, Bounce balls, Blowouts, Bubbles & Wand box and more. These favors are pocket-friendly and will be loved by kids. You can also use Despicable Me theme Loot bags and fill it with goodies inside. So send them home with these adorable and fun party favors.



Let your kid throw most stylish and fun birthday party in town, featuring his favorite animated character Minions. You can go for our Despicable Me Decorating Kits to compliment your party theme perfectly and save tons of your time or you can choose from our vast range of Despicable Me birthday supplies as per your liking. These are affordable and will surely delight your kid.

Coolest Halloween Party Games for Kids

Kids love parties and why shouldn’t they? They are allowed to play as much as they want, gorge on some mouth-watering food, and get favors to carry home. Trick-or-treating is certainly going to keep them busy during the Halloween evening but if you are planning a party to celebrate this festival, make sure you arrange some fun filled games that kids can play without your assistance. Here are some Halloween party games that you can consider for your little guests.

Pumpkin bowling

Kids love bowling. It’s a safe game for them, and therefore, you must plan it for your Halloween celebration. To give it a Halloween twist, use pumpkins for bowling. Choose fist-size pumpkins so that kids can easily pick them up. Fill up some 10 soda bottles with sand, set them up like pins, and ask kids to knock them using pumpkins. Maximum scorer will be the winner.

Pumpkin hunt

Kids love treasure hunt and therefore, you must plan this fun-filled game for the little ones attending your party. Even young kids can play this game. Hide some small sized pumpkins around the party area and ask kids to find them out. You can scoop out the pumpkins, hide some favors inside them, and when the game is over, the players will take them out and carry them home. The one who find out maximum pumpkins will be the winner of the game. You may also write clues on the pumpkins to help the treasure hunters.

Candy toss

Tossing games are popular among kids as well as adults. Scoop out a large sized pumpkin, hang it at kids’ eye level, and ask kids to toss candies in it. Give 10 candies to each member for tossing. Later, they can carry them home as favors.

Make a mummy

What could be a better game for Halloween other than asking the kids to make their own mummy? Divide kids to make two or three teams and ask them to choose one player who will be the mummy. Give them some tissue paper rolls and ask them to wrap their teammate to make him look like a mummy. This will be a fun activity for them. Even young kids can participate. Make sure you supervise them so that they don’t cover the nose of the player whom they are wrapping.

Guess dead man’s last meal

This is a very simple game and can be played by children of all ages. Make a big bowl full of jelly. The jelly has to be little watery and not properly set so that it looks like goo. Dip some small-sized creepy plastic creatures in it such as plastic spiders, snakes, bones, etc., blindfold each player, ask them to dip their hands in the goo, and guess what they catch.

These games are sure to keep your little guests busy throughout your Halloween party. Although these games are safe for kids, we strongly recommend you to never leave the little ones unattended. For more Halloween Party ideas, visit MyBirthdaySupplies.