5 Ways To Make Your Child’s Birthday Cake Look Irresistible

A well decorated cake makes your party more presentable and often boosts the excitement among the guests and guest of honor. Prepackaged cakes often come well-decorated and do not need any other add-ons; however, if you are baking a cake at home, you have to use a wide variety of techniques in order to give it a mouth-watering look. Apart from the conventional fondant decoration, here are a couple of birthday party cake decoration ideas that are sure to help you make a cake that you can be proud of.

Bake themed shaped cakes

Themed cakes will perfectly match your other arrangements and are therefore, the best options for kids’ birthdays. Cake molds are available in a wide variety of shapes; however if you don’t find the one that goes well with your theme, bake a sheet cake and use a stencil to give it a desired shape. Once you have achieved the required shape, use frosting to draw the details. This can be time-consuming but your child’s birthday deserves it.

Use cake toppers and edible or non-edible figurines

These cake decoration supplies are available with almost all party supplies stores and are a great way to add a thematic touch to your homemade cake. For example; bake a round pink colored cake and top it up with Minnie Mouse figurines for a Minnie Mouse theme party. Later, you can give away these figurines as favors or keep them for future use.

Use the prepackaged cake decoration supplies

The prepackaged cake decorating kits available with most retail stores will help you to instantly adorn your cake. Apart from the convention kits, party supplies stores these days also sell theme based cake decoration supplies that are sure to ease your work. Such kits often include plastic figurines, balloons, candles, etc.


Colorful jelly beans, fruits slices, gumdrops, candies, M&Ms, sprinkles, etc. are a great way to give a colorful look to your child’s cake. These inexpensive cake decoration supplies are easily available at any nearby retail store and can be used creatively to adorn your homemade cake.

Try a picture cake

Most bakers sell customized picture cakes but to save your cost, you can order an edible picture sheet and use it on your homemade cake. Any bakery that uses edible ink for printing will be able to help you. To surprise your child, use his/her best picture for the cake.

These birthday party cake decoration ideas are sure to help you transform your homemade cake to give it a colorful and mouth-watering look.